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This lockdown might give you a lot of time to spend at your homes, but we might be spending a lot of our time watching TV, working with our laptops, or even killing time in front of devices. Looking at common problems of modern lifestyle combined with being cooped up at home, we are at a higher risk of suffering from body stiffness. While most of us are familiar with such injuries, individuals do neglect such pains and there is a likelihood of its return if no proper cure is taken.

This brings me to ask if you have got a tight lower back or a tight neck? Or have you recently injured your lower back, neck, shoulders, hips, or knee? A contributing factor to one of these common types of injury are especially when the injury or pain occurs from something seemingly minor could be from Upper and Lower Cross Syndromes.

Short upper and lower cross treatment by northside health

Our featured image describes the various locations in your upper and lower body that can develop stiffness due to work, injury, or even carrying out daily strenuous activities. We need to focus on how to loosen and lengthen common tight areas such as the chest and hip flexors muscles, and how to activate inactive muscles such as the upper back and rear deltoids and the glute muscles. Fix these common problem areas in 5-10minutes a day. You will feel lighter, looser, and be less prone to injury in your daily endeavors.

Check this quick video which briefly describes these issues and how you can learn and treat yourself daily.


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