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Our occupational health and medicine services are here to assist organisations across Coffs Harbour in areas of injury management and prevention, employment medicals, drug and alcohol screenings and help promote health and wellness at your workplace. 

A trade work man putting concrete in a under construction site can get Occupational Health service at Northside health

Northside Health is leaders in providing occupational health and medicine services in Coffs Harbour. As leaders, we offer detailed pre-employment medical examinations and quick workplace injury management services covering a wide range of industries. 

We provide excellent service delivery as well as tailored approaches to meet specific industry requirements.

Our Main Occupational Health Services

Through our Coffs Harbour medical centre, we are able to deliver a wide range of occupational health services to numerous businesses. Our main focus are providing:

Pre-employment medical assessment for workforce safety, Occupational health at Coffs Harbour

1) Pre-employment/Employment Medicals 

Pre-employment serves as a workforce risk management tool to ensure if employees have the ability to perform their work safely in a specific work environment. This record will help identify potential risks factors of potential employees. 

Our comprehensive medical examination have details about height, weight, body mass index (BMI), cardiovascular health stats, vision assessment and diabetes. 

2) Workplace Injury Management 

Workplace Injury Management is an integrated medical system to ensure your injured employees can return to normal life functioning

We offer immediate access to a range of medical and allied health services for prompt recovery. Our doctors work closely with each other and with various other medical providers for an injured employee’s medical treatment, rehabilitation, safe returning to work and managing collaboration between all those involved. 

For more information on Workplace Injury Management in New South Wales, click here

3) Drug and Alcohol Screening 

The use of illicit drugs and alcohol at workplace is a health hazard. An onsite or off-site drug and alcohol screening can improve workplace safety, productivity and serves as a statutory requirement for many industries.

Drug and alcohol testing specimens for workforce safety, Occupational Health in Coffs Harbour

4) Workplace Fitness Assessment

A workplace fitness assessment will provide a comprehensive evaluation of a potential employee’s cardiovascular fitness and physical strength to find if they will be able to effectively perform their work. 

Sometimes done in conjunction with employment medicals, this can be used by an employer to assess posture, strength, back strength, reaching, squatting, stability of joints and many more key factors. 

travel medicine Northside Health Coffs Harbour

5) Travel health 

We can provide you and your employees with necessary travel vaccinations and travel plans to protect you when working in a new environment. We can also provide proof of vaccinations to assist you with international travel procedures. 

Choose Northside Health for your workforce’s best health

A group of employees after receiving an employee medical assessments, Occupational Health Service, Coffs Harbour

We encourage companies of all sizes and from all sectors to use Occupational Health and Medicine as a robust risk mitigation tool to ensure your employees or workers are safe and healthy. 

We provide: 

  • Comprehensive and detailed pre-employment/employment exam details 
  • We can conduct regular medical assessments as required 
  • Tailored medical assessment to cover a wide range of organisations 
  • General practice for continues health surveillance 
  • Skin cancer screenings 
  • Regular health checks and immunisations 

To find out more about our Occupational Health Service, call us at (02) 6652 5322 or make an online appointment to discuss with our GPs.