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Dr Lisa Harris Northside Health Coffs Harbour
Dr Lisa’s Integrative practice is based on Anthroposophical integrative medical training.
Anthroposophical medicine offers a pathway for meeting the whole human being. It provides tools that allow us to understand more about the roots of health and illness. The insights are novel and diverse: about the interactions between body, soul and spirit; about the human being’s relationship to the natural world; about new therapeutic possibilities for fostering health and healing; and about the experience of illness as part of a continuous path of individual development.
To the focus of physical medicine, anthroposophical medicine additionally incorporates what can observed as:
  • functional and recuperative processes
  • emotional and sensory activities
  • spiritual and creative elements
Questions that form part of our practice are:
  • how we can harness an individual’s own inner resources for healing?
  • how we can best understand the interweaving social, psychological and sensory influences that contribute to physical health, as well as the influence of physical health on our emotional wellbeing? How does this two directional streaming work?
  • What is this individual person’s experience of illness? What are the person’s priorities? And how can each patient be an active participant in his or her own illness and healing?
Individuals are further characterised by their own biography and their distinctive nature as a social being.
GP Proceduralist in Palliative Care integrated with Anthroposophical Palliative Care.

Anthroposophical wholistic palliative care addresses the needs of the body, soul and the spiritual aspects of the human being. Dr Lisa is a GP with training in Palliative Care and, having trained at Coffs Harbour and Bellingen, will continue to work alongside and in cooperation with the Mid-North Coast palliative care service.

If needed, referrals can be made to members of the local Anthroposphical palliative care circle, a team who recognise the spiritual foundation of life and who work in various professional modalities supporting the individual along life’s path up, to and beyond the threshold of death.  Our members work both professionally and voluntarily and currently includes GP, nurses, counsellors, death doula, art, music and massage therapists, to support home death care (patients and their families). These services are open to everybody.

For further information please ask for the booklet ‘Introductory Handbook for Learning Anthroposphical Medicine’.