Making Goals Happen!

We often think that motivation is the key to achieving our goals. ‘If only I had more motivation’ we tell ourselves and use this as the reason why our goals didn’t happen. Turns out it’s not motivation you need! We share some goal setting tips below to help increase your odds of successfully achieving your […]

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Auriculotherapy & Ear Seeds

Based on the principles of acupuncture, ear seeds work by treating conditions by pressing on specific pressure points within the ear. The practise is known as Auriculotherapy. Auriculotherapy works by holding the ear seeds into place using tape and pressing the ear seed several times a day to stimulate auricular acupuncture points. This is usually […]

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Remedial Massage: Beneficial For More Than Just Relaxation

Massage Therapist, Rachael Trebon Many people perceive massage as a luxury to increase relaxation. While this is an excellent benefit of massage therapy, there are many other circumstances where massage can contribute to one’s wellbeing. An experienced Remedial Massage Therapist can make a significant difference when treating clients with recurring or acute complaints, degenerative disease, […]

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