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Liz Darrington, Massage Therapist

Every body can benefit from massage therapy but for those who are particularly active or play sports, the terms remedial massage or deep tissue massage are commonly thrown around to assist with muscle recovery and soreness. But which one is best for you?

Remedial massage focuses on treating a specific problem area often caused by muscle tension, soft tissue injury, and/or postural imbalance. Trigger point therapy is used to apply sustained pressure to the deeper muscle layers in order to relieve pain, while joint mobilisation techniques and facilitated stretching help to improve range of motion.

Ailments commonly treated by remedial massage include neck and back pain, migraine and tension headaches, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis (e.g. tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder), sciatica, hamstring injuries, shin splints, and whiplash.

A treatment plan will be developed at your first appointment. This will be reviewed with each follow-up appointment based on your overall improvement and progress.

Deep tissue massage is great for those seeking relief from generalised muscle tension.  It uses very firm pressure in the form of lengthening and cross-fibre manipulations to access the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. At times it can feel uncomfortable, and thus requires good communication between client and therapist to ensure pain threshold is not exceeded.

In addition to relieving muscle tension, deep tissue massage is also good for breaking-up scar tissue and adhesions (those “knotted” bands of muscle), improving joint mobility, increasing blood flow, and improving athletic recovery and performance.

​If you’re still not sure which massage type would be best, don’t forget that your massage will be tailored to your body’s specific needs. Chat with your massage therapist about any concerns and what activities you do and they will determine the best massage type for you.

Massage prices are:
Half hour treatment – $50
One hour treatment – $90
One and a half hour treatment – $120

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