Long Term Chiropractic Care – The key to a long and healthy life

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MYTH: “I won’t go to a Chiropractor because I heard if you go once you have to keep going.”

FACT: Long term chiropractic care is proven to be one of the best investments a person can make for better health and well-being.

Future visits are booked due to the benefits experienced and are generally compensated by a declining need for regular visits to conventional medical doctors. The benefit of consistent chiropractic care is that the results get better over time, like a fine wine!

This FACT is proven by long term studies.


Based on over 800 people over 7 years, comparing people whose Primary Care Providers (PCP) were only conventional Medical Doctors, compared to those who had Doctors of Chiropractic for their PCP, the following results were revealed:

 Those with a Chiropractor for PCP had:

  • 60% less hospital admissions
  • 62% less surgeries
  • 59% less days in hospital
  • 85% less pharmaceutical costs


Based on this statistical evidence I would argue that Chiropractic care is in fact one of the BEST investments a person can make for themselves and their family and that it’s not merely a “band aid solution”, but a long-term lifestyle choice with proven benefits.

This is not just my opinion…It’s based on studies like the above, as well as literature, and the thousands of people we have seen over the last 15 years, making informed choices about their health.

It’s all about the Return on Investment!


Dr. David Pham

Consultant Chiropractor – Northside Health

Reference: J Manipulative Physio Therapeutics 2007 (May); 30 (4): 263–269