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International Yoga Day celebrated for wellness of body and mind, Mental Health GP, Coffs Harbour

International yoga day is a time to bring focus onto this wonderful and ancient practice. A system that cultivates health and wellbeing through the regular practice of postures and movements, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation celebrated Sunday, June 21.

Yoga was derived more than 2,500 years ago from the Vedic tradition of India and the Himalayas and was only introduced to the west in the 1890’s.

Over the years yoga in the west has become very mainstream and has been modified to suit the current times and the Western bodies – no longer known to be something only practiced by “hippies”.

There have been a growing number of studies into the health benefits of a regular yoga practice including; reducing stress and anxiety, improving bone density, increasing muscle tone, improving balance, supporting joint health, improving flexibility and breathing.

Interestingly there are still some misunderstandings surrounding yoga that I personally have observed.

There are so many times I hear people say “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible enough!” or “I can’t meditate my mind is too busy!” It feels a little bit like saying I can’t take a shower I’m too dirty!!

It is not surprising that the concept of yoga is misconstrued, as too often we see model like yogis twisted into a pretzel shape appearing on the front of a yoga magazine. While this may look amazing, it is not the point of the practice. The point is not how far you can go into the pose or how you look in the pose, but how you feel in your body as you move through the pose with your breath supporting you – this is the yoga. It is connecting back in with your true nature. This unfortunately isn’t captured well in a photo shoot!

There is so much more to yoga and this is a practice designed for EVERYBODY. All ages, sizes and abilities can practice yoga and the benefits are endless.

Practices like chair fit yoga, yoga for seniors, children’s yoga, trauma aware yoga and yin yoga have made this practice accessible to all.

I first discovered yoga over 30 years ago but only in the last 7 years has it become a regular part of my life and my passion. So much so that I have recently completed a 12-month 350-hour yoga teacher training , 50 hours of Yin yoga and mindfulness training and 20 hours of advanced Yin yoga teacher training, as well as many other short courses along my journey.

To me a regular yoga and meditation practice is my saviour; my place to come home to, the place I feel connected to myself. Yoga is not something I just practice on my mat. It is incorporated into all aspects of my life and brings such a wonderful balance to my life as a busy practice Nurse.

If you are interested in learning more about yoga I am available for private individual or small group classes and you will see me popping up at Yogabellingen Studio from July 2020.

I would love to share this beautiful practice with you.

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