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A common health issue faced by many is adrenal fatigue. Adrenal exhaustion is related to the Chinese medical view of kidney function. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the primary storehouse of energy.  ‘Burning the candle at both ends’ and aging depletes our kidney energy and vitality fast.


The herbal formula Liu Wei Di Huang Wan combines six herbs beautifully to create a wonderful support to overworked kidneys. When the kidney is diminished functionally, many other organs show malfunctions. It is vitally important to maintain the kidney in a good state and can explain why many symptoms seemingly unrelated to the kidney may be relieved by restoring the kidney energy.


Childbirth and menstruation also take kidney energy and by the time most women hit menopause they find themselves with many kidney deficient signs; hot flushes, night sweats, thirst, dry skin, poor hearing, sore lower back and restless legs to name a few. Chronically overworked people and night and/or shift workers can benefit greatly from this supplement.


This classic herbal formula is now in stock at Northside Health. Please consult a professional herbalist before taking herbal supplements. Celia Brisa (BHSc T.C.M) is available Mondays and Thursdays to discuss your health needs.