Exercise as Medicine Program

Would you like to reduce your pain and improve your feelings of well-being? Do you have painful osteoarthritis of your hip or knee?

Northside Health is working on a joint program with the local PHN regarding Exercise As Medicine. Extensive research shows that exercise benefits people with osteoarthritis pain, even those with severe pain or with changes seen on x-ray.

Exercise has been shown to be is as effective in relieving pain symptoms as medication and anti-inflammatory drugs; with the added benefit of fewer side effects.

Exercise can help to:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent muscle wasting &  loss of fitness
  • Improve balance
  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Improve wellbeing.

This program assesses your ability to take part in varying forms of exercise and tailors a program that is unique to you, your abilities and your availability so that you can take advantage of those benefits. The program is overseen by our medical, nursing and allied health staff.

If you are over 50 and have osteoarthritis of the hip or knee and want to be part of this free program. Please contact Nurse Julie or Nurse Karla on 6652 5322.