Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask First

Today’s post is topped and tailed by two recently heard versions of the same scenario.


It is important that you fit your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

How often have we heard those words as our plane taxis toward take-off?


Fitting our own oxygen mask first is about safeguarding those self-care strategies that sustain us even when life becomes increasingly time pressured. Life is busy, work can be demanding and effectively juggling commitments to achieve work-life balance is an art.

The concern for those with high achieving and perfectionist personalities is that they achieve their goals at their own expense. When Super Busy ramps up to Super Crazy-Busy, the high achievers, perfectionists and high achieving perfectionists commonly (but not always) place themselves at the bottom of an ever lengthening ‘To Do’ list.

Are you even on your ‘To Do’ list?


Three Self-Care strategies we need to make a priority on our personal To Do’ list if we are to replenish our resources:

·        Eat lunch today. Do not cheat and skip lunch or eat it at your desk. Stop and move away from your desk

·        Hydrate with filtered water. Still or spring. Add some lemon, lime, berries to flavour if you prefer.

·        Exercise and move more. Go for a brisk 15-minute walk or run during your lunch break. If you get stuck in traffic do some upper body stretches.


Some days we succeed and some days we struggle with Self-Care and that is OK. Remember to be kind to yourself today.


And the other version of the same scenario?

Always fit your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.”


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Stress Busting at the Office

Office pressure cooker set to explode? Deadline times getting shorter? ‘To Do’ list getting longer?

What do you do? Many of us are guilty of skipping breaks, eating at our desk whilst dealing with a mountain of work or perhaps (hands up who is guilty) missing lunch altogether.


What if I said that if you want to be more efficient and effective then you need to STOP. Yes, seriously. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it is vital that you regularly take time out for a brain and body break.

Whilst stress is unavoidable; it is manageable.


When the pressure mounts at the office here are FIVE stress busting self-care strategies to consider:

·        BREAK OUT: Always taking a break away from your desk to eat lunch. Even better; get up go for a walk or a run during your lunch break.

·        TAKE A STAND: Take a 3 to 5-minute mini-break every hour to stand up and get your circulation moving. Consider requesting or investing in a sit-stand desk.

·        JUST BREATHE: Slow, controlled belly breathing is something you can do at your desk. Breath in slowly for 4 counts; Hold for 4 counts, Exhale slowly for 4 counts, Hold for 4 counts; repeat for 2 to 3 minutes.

·        SHAKE IT OFF: Stand up and give your whole body a 15 second top-to-toe jiggle. In the privacy of the bathroom is fine.

·        HYDRATE WITH WATER: Research shows tension and confusion scores go down when water levels go up.


Routinely employing brain and body breaks into our work day improves our ability to transform our stress response, strengthens our energy reserves and supports our physical, mental and emotional well-being.


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