Grumpy? Get a Chiropractic Adjustment!

We all know the stereotype of men getting grumpier as they age. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

As a chiropractor, man and dad, this study is exciting news and I hope it encourages all men to assess their own mood, pain levels and mental health and seek help, if necessary.

A study performed in 2011 revealed the impact of one single chiropractic adjustment can have on the tone of the nervous system. Published in “Alternative Therapies Health Medicine”(Ogura 2011)(2), the study was performed by 8 PhD’s and 1 Chiropractor. They used a PET scan as a powerful neuro-imaging technique to measure neuronal activity in the brain. They were also able to take a radioactive analogue of glucose as a marker to measure brain glucose consumption as it would indicate brain metabolic activity after having a chiropractic adjustment.

The findings demonstrated that the sympathetic tone of the nervous system was inhibited, salivary amylase was decreased, regional brain metabolic changes occurred, and muscle tone and pain intensity decreased following just one single chiropractic adjustment.

In simple terms, the study confirmed that a single neck adjustment from a chiropractor helped:

  • Decrease stress levels
  • Reduced the flight/fright reflex response
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Reduced pain levels

Essentially the subjects were new men after just one specific chiropractic neck adjustment!

If the men in your life are grumpy, in pain or just being a pain, consider making an appointment with myself here at Northside Health. Call 6652 5322 or jump onto the HotDoc app to book.


Dr. David Pham

Resident Chiropractor – Northside Health

Reference: “Cerebral metabolic changes in men after chiropractic spinal manipulation” Alternative Therapies Health Medicine 2011 Nov-Dec;17(6):12-7.

Poor Posture = Poor Health

When we think of the health concerns of poor posture, we might think of the pain we experience in our neck, back or shoulders muscles without much regard for the long term effects on our health.

But a 2005 study in the reputable Medical Journal of SPINE has proven what most chiropractors already know. The worse your posture, the worse all measures of health status are.

Even a minor forward head posture was shown to be detrimental. Everything from breathing to heart rate and disability worsened as the posture deviations increased.

This is where the benefits of regular chiropractic care can’t be ignored. An adjustment helps to restore posture, which improves motion and spinal integrity. By improving spinal integrity you improve the input of nerve vessels and blood flow to the spinal cord and brain, which again has multiple benefits.

In between chiropractic visits, it’s well worth being mindful of your posture in everyday life.

Some quick things you can do right now for better posture:

  1. Use a lumbar support when sitting to maintain a neutral spine.
  2. Carry a handbag? Go without or alternate sides you carry your handbag on.  
  3. At your desk, keep feet flat on the floor and ensure your computer screen is at eye level.
  4. Place a pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back
  5. If curled up on the lounge watching TV, try to keep your knees lower than your hips.
  6. When standing, distribute your weight evenly over both feet.
  7. Switch your abdominal muscles on. This will feel a little like sucking your tummy in when you zip up your jeans!

Don’t despair if your posture isn’t great. While long standing postural problems will take longer to resolve, having a conscious awareness of your posture, strengthening your core and knowing what the correct posture for standing, sitting, and lying down will gradually replace your old posture and you’ll reap the health benefits in no time.

Long Term Chiropractic Care – The key to a long and healthy life

MYTH: “I won’t go to a Chiropractor because I heard if you go once you have to keep going.”

FACT: Long term chiropractic care is proven to be one of the best investments a person can make for better health and well-being.

Future visits are booked due to the benefits experienced and are generally compensated by a declining need for regular visits to conventional medical doctors. The benefit of consistent chiropractic care is that the results get better over time, like a fine wine!

This FACT is proven by long term studies.


Based on over 800 people over 7 years, comparing people whose Primary Care Providers (PCP) were only conventional Medical Doctors, compared to those who had Doctors of Chiropractic for their PCP, the following results were revealed:

 Those with a Chiropractor for PCP had:

  • 60% less hospital admissions
  • 62% less surgeries
  • 59% less days in hospital
  • 85% less pharmaceutical costs


Based on this statistical evidence I would argue that Chiropractic care is in fact one of the BEST investments a person can make for themselves and their family and that it’s not merely a “band aid solution”, but a long-term lifestyle choice with proven benefits.

This is not just my opinion…It’s based on studies like the above, as well as literature, and the thousands of people we have seen over the last 15 years, making informed choices about their health.

It’s all about the Return on Investment!


Dr. David Pham

Consultant Chiropractor – Northside Health

Reference: J Manipulative Physio Therapeutics 2007 (May); 30 (4): 263–269