Auriculotherapy & Ear Seeds

Based on the principles of acupuncture, ear seeds work by treating conditions by pressing on specific pressure points within the ear. The practise is known as Auriculotherapy.

Auriculotherapy works by holding the ear seeds into place using tape and pressing the ear seed several times a day to stimulate auricular acupuncture points. This is usually done for a prolonged period, such as a few days or a few weeks depending on the condition being treated and its severity.

Ear seeds can be used for a myriad of conditions and can provide natural and non invasive treatment for back pain, headaches, insomnia, weight loss, cravings, anxiety and more.

If you’d like to try ear seeds, chat with your acupuncturist about their use or pop into Northside Health and pick up a pack.

Visit the Ear Seed website for free resources and more information.


Prenatal acupuncture, yoga & pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of rapid change and growth for both mother and baby. It’s an opportunity to balance and connect with your body to enable the best outcomes for both you and your baby.

Health issues can arise throughout pregnancy on both physical and emotional levels, which conventional medicine cannot always address (mainly due to the side-effects of medications).  Acupuncture offers a safe, gentle and deeply effective approach to support your well-being as a blossoming mother.

Research has shown that acupuncture during pregnancy, and especially in the month leading to birth, results in shorter labour times with fewer emergency caesareans and less intervention. Acupuncture can also assist with changing the baby’s position and with some preparatory treatments leading up, can naturally induce birth without the hard and fast effects of medical induction.

Celia Brisa offers a unique skill set, both as an acupuncturist and prenatal yoga teacher. She has over 25 years of experience as a yoga teacher and 15 years as an acupuncturist, focusing her work primarily on supporting women in pregnancy and birth education. At Northside Health, you have the opportunity to find that support and guidance that all women need during pregnancy in Celia, as your own personal pregnancy and birth coach. Ensuring your body and mind are balanced and prepared for a strong and happy pregnancy and an empowered birthing experience.

We offer a range of pre-natal programs including: acupuncture, yoga and meditation sessions that are designed for your personal needs. Closer to birth Celia can also equip you with powerful yogic tools for birthing, breath and mind focus, positions and visualization techniques. Pregnancy is an opportunity to train for climbing that Mt. Everest of birthing. Commit to making that training as powerful, nourishing and conscious as you possibly can for your health and the health of your baby.

Contact Celia today at Northside Health on 6652 5322 to discuss the right prenatal program for you.