Acupuncture: Our leading Acupuncturist, Adam O’ Mara explains how it works

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I’m often asked, “how does acupuncture work”? There could be many explanations, but I would prefer saying,  acupuncture is the manipulation of one’s own Qi, blood, and fluids (its immunity) via pinning meridians or points specific to their disease and constitution.

It originated in China over 3000 years ago and over time it’s now being administered in most countries around the world. Acupuncture is widely tested for its efficacy through leading universities in Australia and internationally, to further understand how it helps ease different types of pain that can sometimes be chronic.

Where acupuncture excels is in resolving pain related disorders from chronic headaches to musculoskeletal pain or anybody neuralgia (like trigeminal neuralgia). In 2012, acupuncture became regulated under the Chinese medicine board of Australia and APHRA. One can only practice if they are a member of a reputable association, have a health science degree, and are registered with the above-mentioned bodies.

Does it work? If it didn’t I’m sure it would not survive 3000 years, but I find the answer is in the experiencing! For an appointment with Adam, contact us at (02) 6652 5322


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