‘Building a Bridge Between Medicine and Natural Therapies’

Northside Health Team

Northside Health is a holistic patient centred practice committed to providing accessible, equitable and affordable quality health care. Our priority is to deliver superior health outcomes and empower our patients by increasing their health literacy within the context of a dynamic patient-practitioner relationship and by raising awareness of community health issues. Our practice is dedicated to ensuring patient confidence and ongoing satisfaction with our services.

Northside Health was established in 1982 by Dr Alexander Joannou as a solo GP situated at 44 Park Beach Road, Coffs Harbour.

In 1991 Dr Joannou relocated to Northside Shopping Centre in Park Beach Road.

In 2001 Dr Joannou decided that group practice was the way of the future and the practice underwent two expansions of the premises as the practice grew to four doctors and a nurse.

In 2011 Northside Health opened new premises at 14 Edgar Street, Coffs Harbour Jetty, with a capacity of eight doctors and three nurses. The practice services both full-time community-based patients as well as nursing home patients and intermittent holiday visitors.

Northside Health is committed to the training of our future generation and has hosted GP registrars, international medical graduates and medical students since 2001.